About Us

Glueball Kft. was founded in 2012 by a group of Hungarian individuals.

Our primary objective is the design, development, and implementation of reliable software with the capability to improve corporate operations and business efficiency.

We place a high priority on the development of applications to meet custom requirements determined jointly with our clients.
We consider careful and thorough design to be a vital part of our software development activities, as the design process is instrumental in establishing the level of quality for the system undergoing development.

Our Activities

Software Development
Systems Operations

Our Core Philosophy

Our objective is always to develop solutions that fully realize our clients' strategy.
We consider a quick, precise, and flexible workflow to be one of our top priorities.

Our company supports cost-effective and innovative solutions. Thus, we will gladly recommend such use of Open Source technologies, as well as the development, maintenance, and operation of service roles comprising the most significant advantages for these systems.

Software Development

JAVA Application Development

Our profile primarily includes the development of standalone JAVA applications, which are capable of running under almost any environment, without the requirement for an application server.

The advantages of our philosophy are realized through the well-defined, atomic components of the systems we develop.

Our experience has shown that to meet the requirements of today's fast-changing market, a single monolithic mass of code including all required functionality (the old web app + SQL database model) is not an effective way to develop software. Instead, the use of several different software applications is preferable, each working in tandem and performing its own precisely delineated task. This makes it possible to keep the code small for a single software application performing a specific task, meaning that it will contain fewer bugs, and the resulting software will be much easier to maintain and test.

Further advantages of this philosophy:

  • - Greater flexibility:
    Whenever a new functionality is required, we can test the new element to completion, then easily implement it into the system, often without service interruptions.

  • - Improved scaleability:
    The number of elements in the system can be increased as needed, meaning that if the performance of the billing subsystem proves to be insufficient, we can easily modify the system to include another computer, which will then proceed to shoulder some of the billing processes.

  • - Long-term sustainability:
    If, in due course, our system becomes obsolete, causing its maintenance costs to increase, it will not be necessary to have the entire system re-developed: the individual system components can be continuously swapped out as needed.

Our secondary profile

  • - JavaEE-based web application development
  • - Design and optimization of relational database models
  • - Performance optimization of SQL queries
  • - PL/SQL programming

When should you contact us?

  • If you are familiar with your company's processes and feel that some of them could be computerized for increased efficiency, but you cannot find any commercial software that would meet your requirements exactly.
  • If a commercial software that meets your enterprise requirements is available on the market, but you do not wish to purchase its complete array of functionality, some of which would be useless for your needs. Instead, you would prefer to implement only the functionality that your company would actually find useful, but you would like that functionality to be customized and flexible.
  • Do you have a good idea? Perhaps an internet service? Or a useful desktop application that you would like to invest in, but you do not have software design/development experience?
  • If you maintain different systems for different work processes. These systems are not integrated with each other. Data needs to be entered multiple times in the various software systems. Administration is cumbersome, processes are difficult to assess, and their efficiency cannot be quantified.

From idea to implementation

The work process begins with a consultation, during which we will learn your requirements, ideas, and possibly your business processes. As a result of these preliminary consultations, the first (still superficial) specifications for the software application(s) will be prepared.
Progress will happen iteratively. A single step will involve only a limited number of changes, so that if the step does not prove to match your vision, or only partially does so, then it can be modified with a relatively small amount of work. As the software "takes shape", we will have the opportunity to rethink certain decisions, and to re-evaluate them with regard to the resultant environment. This method can guarantee that in the end, the product you receive truly will match your vision and will meet your requirements.
Execution occurs step by step. As part of the project, we will determine "milestones", which will usually involve working, functional modules. We will prepare a certificate of completion and an invoice for you after reaching every milestone. Work will then proceed after the invoice has been settled. This method helps us build mutual trust.

Our Tools

Systems Operations

Stable, Flexible, Secure.

We believe that building systems from atomic components is more worthwhile than the standardized and expensive commercial solutions available on the market. This can be achieved through the use of freely available, "open source" technologies, and the support of custom, "personalized" software development solutions. As a company, we believe that you should not have to modify your business processes to match the operation of the IT systems you use; exactly the opposite should be true.

Our Complex Solutions for Small Enterprises
  • - File Server
  • - Domain Controller
  • - Email Server
  • - Print Server
  • - Firewall
  • - Virtual Private Network
  • - Remote Work
  • - Both Linux- and Microsoft-based solutions
We use custom development solutions to correct the deficiencies of the systems available on the market.

Why is Virtualization Worth It?

Security and Performance Isolation

Running the different applications on their own virtual machines means that if one application does not function correctly, it will not affect the operation of the other applications. This is also true if the security of the applications is compromised: only that single virtual machine (or a part thereof) will fall victim to the attack.

If the physical resources available prove to be insufficient over time, some (or all) of the virtual machines can easily be transferred to different physical computers.

High Level of Availability

In case of a hardware failure, the virtual machines can easily be transferred to different physical computers.

Energy Savings

The most common use of virtualization involves consolidation, that is, combining several loads on a single physical machine.
This makes it possible for many virtual machines to run on a fewer number of physical computers.

Maintenance and Testing

Testing and quality assurance environments are highly expensive, while leaving the computing resources available to these environments unutilized most of the time. Under some circumstances, it can be a cost-efficient solution to establish our test and live environments on separate virtual computers, running on the same physical hardware.

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